The school colours are navy blue, white and grey.




Grey shorts/trousers/skirt

Grey shorts/trousers/skirt/blue gingham dress

White long/short-sleeved shirt/blouse

White long/short-sleeved shirt/blouse

School tie* (optional)

School sweatshirt*/navy cardigan

School sweatshirt*

Grey/black/white socks

Grey/black/navy socks/tights

Black/navy sandals (closed toe)/shoes (not trainers or boots)

Black/navy sensible shoes (not trainers or boots)


All items marked with* may be purchased from the school office.

For safety reasons children should wear strong shoes. Fashion shoes with heels, open-toed sandals or boots are not suitable.

Long hair (male or female) should be tied back and children should not wear make- up or nail varnish.

Jewellery is not allowed in school for health and safety reasons and earrings must not be worn. If a child has pierced ears then studs may be worn but these should be left at home on PE days or removed before the lesson. Hair bands and Alice bands should be plain.

PE Kit



White school T-shirt* plain navy shorts (not cycling shorts) and trainers.


White school T-shirt*, plain navy shorts and trainers. As the weather gets colder, children are encouraged to wear the school tracksuit*or plain navy tracksuit bottoms for outdoor games. (*available from the office)

All clothing should be clearly named please.

Swimming Kit

Girls: One-piece swimsuit (not a bikini)

Boys: Tight-fitting trunks (not board shorts)